One of the best daycares in the Bronx!

I like the class. They are very helpful and they help the children in the weak areas. The staff is nice and speak well to the kids and the parents. Since my daughter went to this school she learnt her ABC, numbers and how to write her full name. I am looking forward to enrolling my second daughter in the school once she is potty-trained and can talk well. Thank you for this opportunity and learning experience.

Satisfied Parent

United Educare Preschool came highly recommended to me by a parent of a student who attended five years ago. I was told that the teachers and support staff at United Educare provide the children with a preschool education comparable to what they would learn in Kindergarten and beyond. I am happy to say that United Educare has exceeded my expectations. I observe the staff to be enormously engaged with the students from the time they arrive until the time they leave.

My daughter has grown both academically and socially in the eight months since she began the PK-3 program. Her handwriting has improved tremendously. She can recognize numbers 1 – 70. She even explained to me why animals hibernate. She is excited to go to school in the morning and is thrilled to share all of the things she has learned during the day. I know that the instruction that she is receiving has set her on the right course educationally and I am looking forward to enrolling my son when he becomes of age.

Falani Piggott – Parent

It is with pride that we say United Educare Preschool is a great beginning for any toddler. Our child has been nurtured and has learnt so much since she started United Educare last October. Before our daughter started school there, she was very reserved and would not speak much. Now, she is very intelligent and outspoken with many words to her vocabulary.

The teachers at United Educare are united in providing quality education and giving care to each and every student there. The class sessions are highly interactive and play time is as good as it can possibly get with the children going outdoors when the weather is favorable.

There is so much that can be said, but experience is the best teacher, so I leave the rest to you parents who seek an incredible start for your young ones. United Educare will not disappoint you.

Mr & Mrs Ogbuji – Parents